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Full body art for special events, trade shows, and photography shoots. ArtParty4U is a Las Vegas veteran-owned business. After retiring from the Navy in 2009 and settling in Las Vegas, Ed and Cheri Mueller started the company as an alternative to studio wine and art locations, bringing their 15+ years of experience in the art world to Las Vegas.

During his time on active duty (when not deployed), Ed taught classes in wet-on-wet oil painting (like the artists painting "happy trees" on PBS), at various art stores all over the country. He brings those similar methods to his paintings in acrylic and watercolor painting, creating classes in styles that aren't available at any other location in Las Vegas.

Due to requests, Ed added face and body painting to the ArtParty4U services in 2010 with the goal being to provide the best value in quality body paint in the Las Vegas area. Since that point, Ed's body art work has appeared in national publications, used by major corporations in their advertising work, and won awards in large area contests and conventions.

Airbrush Tattoo Body Painting

Airbrush Tattoo Body Painting New! Free-Form Airbrush Tattoos... Not just ordinary stencil work, but full temporary tattoo designs from single tattoos all the way to sleeves, chest pieces, backs. Anywhere you would want a REAL tattoo. And they last up to 5 days... yet only take MINUTES to create!

Acrylic Art Painting Classes

Acrylic Art Painting Classes With an Art Party, you get to play with paint and learn simple techniques that help you release your artistic side -- while having fun with friends and family!

Unlike other places, you don't need to go to a bar -- as a mobile studio, we come to your location and provide all supplies! Our small class size allows us to do real art projects that are not template-driven, and give each student as much individual attention as they need


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Art Classes, Face Painting, Body Painting, Party Services Cheri directs the crafts side of ArtParty4U, having worked for over 15 years with major arts and crafts stores such as Michaels and JoAnn's as an Education and Event Coordinator. Her specialties are jewelry and scrapbooking, however if it involves any type of craft, she's probably done it -- and uses her skill in crafting to create unique projects for all ages.

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